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You may know Hummer as General Motor's attempt to sell a vehicle orginally designed for the military to civilians, but Hummer has been alive way before GM got its hands on it. Hummer was originally sold as a Humvee by AM General back in 1992. These giant vehicles were at some point incredibly popular forms of transportation offering increased security and reliability to the average family. Unfortunately in 2010 GM anounced it would discontinue the Hummer brand as high fuel cost hurt all major SUV sales. Since then Hummer turned into a very niche market and replacement Hummer parts get more and more difficult to find at a reasonable price.

Local GM dealerships still sell Hummer parts but due to the low amount of hummer vehicles still on the road today, they jack up the prices to justify continueing to carry the parts. We at PartsWebsite believe you shouldnt be punished for owning such niche vehicles and have levereged our relationships with the automotive industry to provide the public with OEM replacement Hummer parts and accessories at the most afforable prices on the web. All of our parts are genuine from the factory meaning they are the SAME REPLACEMENT PARTS SOLD AT YOUR LOCAL DEALERSHIP at a fraction of the price! We work with hundreds of AUTHORIZED PARTS DISTRIBUTORS who have an OVERSTOCK of replacement Hummer parts to be able to offer you direct to home shipping of parts and accessories up to 50% off list prices!

Whether you need replacement parts for a Hummer H2 or Hummer H3, Hummer.PartsWebsite.com can help you keep your Humvee running like the day it came out the factory.

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